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Business Investments
& Consulting

Seeking Growth

Solutions for expanded sales, leads, client retention, churn prevention, and more by leveraging our diverse team of business experts and marketing professionals.

Seeking Capital

You’ve got a disruptive idea that builds the future or an existing business that’s ready to 5x or more and you need the capital to make it happen now.

Seeking Investment

You’re an experienced investor ready to diversify your portfolio by investing in a diverse range of companies with high risk and high reward.

Are you looking for growth and support for your business? We can help.

  • Expanding your operations to meet high market demand

  • Ramping up your sales & marketing to fill your operation’s capacity

  • Seeking the right Partner(s) to accelerate your growth

  • Launching your Startup



  • Launch or grow your venture with resources that help you realize your vision

  • Become investor-ready with proven processes & support

  • Attract the capital you need for the accelerated growth you want now

  • Find new Partners that understand your problems and can help scale your operations

  • Get an experienced, Executive team to offer new ideas around your processes and operations.


  • Participate in a VC FUND without the typical high-investment barrier to entry

  • Avoid the bureaucratic complexities of larger firms

  • Diversify with a spectrum of high-potential businesses

  • Expand your portfolio with young companies that have game-changing ideas

  • Invest in companies you love and companies you believe in

  • Invest in high-reward, high-risk companies


  • As an Owner/Entrepreneur seeking capital for:

  • Expanding your operations to meet high market demand

  • Ramping up your marketing & sales to fill your available operational capacity

  • Launching your startup

  • In most situations where fast growth is planned, a business needs to field a leadership team that is complete.  It needs to have all the critical roles filled with qualified and experienced people who will help you navigate a steep growth trajectory.  Without this, it’s likely that securing capital becomes even more difficult.  We offer affordable access to fractional leadership.


Our Investments

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