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What we do


For years, we’ve seen a divide between visionary entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas & opportunities and the investors who could ideally partner with them to capitalize on the unrealized potential. Most often, the missing ingredients are the connections to one another & the communication between them. OPUS Capital bridges this for both entrepreneurs & investors. We have built & cultivated a growing network of equity investors and crowdfunding platform partners to help foster connections.

For almost a decade, we have been both a passive investor by connecting venture opportunities with potential investors, as well as an active investor where we have acquired companies whom we manage for fast growth. We operate in a high-performance culture that moves quickly & grows exponentially.

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise and you want to expedite your growth, you’ll need a combination of resources around the capital, people, process, technology, sales, and clients.

This is where we come in.


Access to VC Funds has been difficult for a lot of people with game changing ideas.

VC Funds offer access to early-stage investments into high-risk, high-reward companies with huge growth potential. This has the potential to be both exciting & lucrative for qualifying a lot of investors.

Typically, it is only a very select few who have the financial wealth and opportunity to be eligible. Having 5, 6, or 7-figure investments available is too high a bar for most to afford.

The OPUS VC FUND offers a more inclusive approach & opportunity to participate. It’s a VC Fund designed for both large and smaller investors as we have a wide-range of companies in our portfolio looking for both options.

We’re focused on further building out a wide diversification across pre-acquisition and pre-IPO companies with promising future potential for growth & profitability. 

Get in touch. We’re ready to make money together.


Sports Venture Management is a leading sports management investments division of Opus dedicated to maximizing the potential of sports organizations and athletes through strategic financial investments and expert guidance. We specialize in identifying promising opportunities in the sports industry and providing the necessary capital and resources to fuel their growth and success.

At Sports Venture Management, we understand the unique dynamics of the sports business and the immense potential it holds. Our team of seasoned professionals combines a deep passion for sports with extensive financial expertise, creating a winning formula for investment success. We work closely with sports teams, leagues, athletes, and related businesses to unlock value and drive sustainable growth.

Our investment philosophy revolves around seeking out innovative and forward-thinking ventures within the sports ecosystem. Whether it's investing in professional sports franchises, sports technology startups, athlete management agencies, or sports media and entertainment platforms, we aim to be at the forefront of emerging trends and disruptive opportunities.

Sports Venture Management takes a hands-on approach to investment management. We leverage our industry connections, market insights, and operational expertise to actively support the companies and individuals we invest in. Our goal is to not only provide financial backing but also strategic guidance, business development support, and access to our extensive network of industry contacts.

Furthermore, we prioritize ethical business practices and the long-term sustainability of the sports industry. We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and responsible governance within the organizations we invest in. By aligning financial success with social responsibility, we strive to create a positive impact on the sports landscape.

Whether you're a sports organization seeking capital infusion, an athlete looking for strategic support, or a sports-related business with growth aspirations, Opus Sports Venture Management is your trusted partner. Together, we can unleash the full potential of the sports industry and drive it to new heights of success.

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